Top Myths about air purifier Debunked with proof.

There are several Myths about air purifier all over the Internet, but when we use the word “Myth” it means it is a misunderstanding of people about something that they don’t really know and have no deep knowledge of.

Today we are going to Debunk some of the most popular (in a hasty manner) Myths related to Air Purifiers.

Myth No.1 :-

# While living in a clean environment (Indoor) there is no need of an air purifier. #

Seriously…can you believe that…!! People often say that they clean their home every day with different cleaners, vacuum and by other means, but they don’t understand while they were cleaning huge amount of very fine particles got suspended into the air, which a normal human eye cannot see.

When comes to using different cleaning products, most of them have VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and several other chemicals which are proved to be carcinogenic and allergy inhibitors.

What Air Purifiers do is they suck the surrounding air, it filters it, removes tiny dust, pollen particles and traps the VOC’s inside of its filters and delivers you the far more clean air than you were inhaling by assuming you live in a clean environment.

Bottom Line – Air Purifiers are a must-have a device, even if you think you live in a clean environment.

Myth No.2 :-

# Air Purifier can replace vacuum cleaner #

Guys…there is Huge difference between working of an Air Purifier and Vacuum Cleaner. Air Purifiers are not as powerful as vacuum cleaners, as their name suggests they are capable of capturing tiny particles suspended in the air. Air purifiers are not designed to suck the dust particles which are on the surface of furniture or on the floor.


air purifier cannot replace vacuum cleaner

When you have an air purifier at your home it doesn’t relieve you from having to clean and dust off your home regularly. The air purifier is only capable of cleaning the air that’s It.

Bottom Line – It is not possible for Air Purifiers to replace Vacuum cleaners, Yet.

Myth No.3 :-

# Air Purifier is capable of destroying Viruses. #

You may have heard people saying stuff like they have an air purifier at their home and now they have 100% protection from all the viruses in their house. But the truth is, there are some air purifiers like UV air purifiers which are capable of destroying some of the viruses found inside a regular house but not all the air purifiers are capable of doing that.

The air purifiers who does not have a UV technology in them will only have HEPA filter and Activated charcoal filter which cannot kill any virus rather they tend to capture only the particles which are of a size equal to or larger than 0.3 microns. Generally, viruses are smaller than 0.3 microns hence HEPA filter air purifiers fail to remove viruses from your home.

Bottom Line – Not all the air purifiers can kill viruses, and even if some can, there is no guarantee that they will kill all the viruses in your house.

Myth No.4 :-

# Air Purifiers are room air fresheners #

Air Purifiers are specifically designed for the sole purpose of Air Filtration. Some air purifiers are equipped with Activated Charcoal which is capable of capturing odor in your house, but there is a huge difference between removing an odor and air freshening.

Air Purifiers are capable of only capturing the odor in your house they have no other technology to make your indoor air fresh like conventional air freshener sprays do. You have to keep your home hygienic even if you have an Air Purifier at home.

Bottom Line – Air Purifiers only filter the air and removes the odor, it has nothing to do with air freshening like conventional air freshener spay.

Myth No.5 :-

# Air Conditioner can replace Air Purifier and vice versa #

Some folks believe that as Air Conditioners have protective covering inside of the unit that looks like a filter, they think that this is enough to get cleaner air. Air Conditioners do have a protective NET inside of the unit which prevents any dust coming inside of the unit.

air purifiers has nothing to do with air conditioning

Air Conditioner has nothing to do with cleaning your indoor air, it just regulated the temperature of the air as per the command.

Some Air Purifiers like from Dyson has the function of providing cooler and warmer air as and when needed but these Air Purifiers are able to increase or decrease the temperature of their discharging air by only 1-2 degrees or even less, so there is Zero possibility of an Air Purifier successfully replacing an Air Conditioner.

Bottom Line – Air Purifier and Air Conditioner are two different devices for two different purposes.

Myth No.6 :-

# All Air Purifiers work more or less the same #

This is another huge Myth about air purifiers. There are a Number of different air purifiers who uses different techniques of filtration. Generally, More Advance the Technology higher the price of an air purifier, If you want to know more about different types of air purifiers and their working click here.

Every air purifier is designed to eliminate certain types of impurities in the air. Some are capable of killing bacteria and viruses whether some only traps them inside of their filters along with removing any odor from the room.

So it is very wrong to assume that all the air purifiers work more or less the same.

Bottom Line – Air purifiers Work according to their Technology so if two air purifiers use different technology their working must be different from each other.

Myth No.7 :-

# Air Purifiers are the perfect solution for Allergens #

Air Purifiers do help people who have allergies related to air, but saying Air purifiers are the PERFECT solution for allergies is far from the truth. You still have to Eliminate different allergy causing furniture, some plant or pets from your home.

air purifier removes some allergen

The air purifier will do everything it can to remove allergens from your home but everything has some limitations and air purifiers are not an exception.

Bottom Line – Relying 100% on air purifier will not completely relieve you from allergies.

Myth No.8 :-

# Air Purifiers work best when used in a small room #

It is not at all necessary to use air purifiers in a small room only, because there are several other air purifiers which are specially designed for larger spaces. If you have a small air purifier it is totally fine to use it in a small room but that does not mean they work best only in smaller rooms.

We recommend our readers to buy larger size air purifier which has higher CADR even if you have a smaller room. When you have a larger unit you can run it at very slow speeds so noise would be much lower, this is always better than buying a smaller unit and running it at full speed.

Bottom Line – You can always choose the air purifier size according to the size of your room. Larger size unit works just as efficiently in a larger space as a smaller unit would in smaller space.

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Myth No.9 :-

# Ionizing Air Purifiers are Dangerous #

Some time ago even I used to believe that Ionizing air purifiers are dangerous but after doing deep research I found out that I was partially wrong and partially right. Let me tell you how…

Ionizing technology uses negatively charged ions and some like Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster air purifier uses both positive and negative ions for Ionization. One of the reasons why people call ionizing air purifiers dangerous is because during the operation they produce a significant amount of Ozone which is known to be a Lung irritant.

The truth is some ionizing air purifiers which are cheap & are not labeled as safe by different environment protection agencies like EPA do produce Ozone, but the catch here is, if you buy a decent ionizing air purifier like Sharp KC-860U which is labeled as Safe and costly which it deserves to be, you would be just fine.

Bottom Line – When you Decide to buy an Ionizing air purifier, consider buying an expensive one and do remember to check whether it is labeled safe or not.

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Now, Guys, this is a big one…

Myth No.10 :-

# Air Purifiers are useless when we keep doors and windows open #

This is exactly opposite to the truth, Actually, air purifiers work best when we keep windows and doors open.

opening doors and windows does not affect the performance of an air purifier

The very purpose of an air purifier is to clean the surrounding air. If we keep doors and windows closed then from where the fresh air would come in..?? and don’t worry about the outside air bringing dust and other particles inside of your home. Your air purifier is there to clean that air for you.

suppose your room size is 300 sq.feet and your air purifier has ACH (Air Change per Hour) value 3 or 4 according to CADR then it means your air purifier will clean the air inside of your 300 sq.feet room 3-4 times in an hour which means after every 15-20 minutes all the air in your room will be completely filtered.

If you close the doors and windows not only you cut the supply of fresh air from outside but the air purifier will filter the already cleaned air again and again…that makes no sense.

Bottom Line – Opening doors and windows of your home does not affect the working of an air purifier, rather it improves it.


If you have heard different Myths related to air purifier apart from the mentioned above please let me know in the comment box…!!

Happy Breathing to You…!!

Vikrant B.


6 thoughts on “Top Myths about air purifier Debunked with proof.”

  1. Very informative article. In this polluted environment, air purifier is getting more and more relevant. As with all things, one needs to know what it is they are buying before they buy it.

  2. Thank you for providing all this info. There is so much information available to us these days and sometimes it’s difficult to sift through it all to see what’s right and what’s not. This is really good, clearly explained and very helpful to get an idea of what air purifiers are and what they are not. I’m still doing some research, still haven’t made the final decision but I feel confident to take your advice on air purifiers and do the best for me and my family.

    1. You are on the right path for improving your indoor air quality. Many people don’t think seriously about the air they breathe inside of their homes which unfortunately could be more polluted than outdoor air.
      I am happy that you are looking forward to buying an air purifier, if you need any help then please feel free to let me know.

      Vikrant B.

  3. I was quite worried when I stumbled on your article. I have an air purifier and I was afraid that I’ve bought it for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, I have got my facts right when I got my air purifier.

    The only thing that enlightens me is how effective it can be when you keep the windows open. I’ll start opening the windows now when I’m using the air purifier.

    1. I am happy that you are taking my advice seriously and implementing it in your daily life, you’ll notice the change in your indoor air quality when you open the windows every now and then to let the fresh air in.

      Vikrant B.

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