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Welcome….Health Conscious People of 21st Century…!!

Why We Started breatheinbreatheout.in…??

Our main objective behind starting breatheinbreatheout.in is to aware people about the importance of a Home Air Purifier… And to help those who are already aware, in deciding which Home Air Purifier is best for them, as fortunately there are several options to choose from.

Would you be shocked if I say the level of indoor air pollutants is 2-5 times higher than the Outdoor air…?? Don’t take my word for it…but United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says exactly that. Whenever we think about pollution a picture comes in front of us like a big factory, traffic exhaust and so on but when it comes to the indoor air quality it is a whole different story.

Indoor pollutants contain different upholstery, wall paints, certain carpets and cigarette smokes are some main culprits. Some even contain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are responsible for causing cancer.

The Big Issue is, people don’t know these things and that’s why we are here…to Educate people about what Home Air Purifiers are and why they are very necessary Nowadays.

Why Do We Care…??

Several studies have done on Indoor Air Pollution and their relation with different respiratory disorders like Asthma. The thing that worries us more is that CHILDREN are more susceptible to polluted indoor air as children’s lungs filter more air during a given period compared to adults, as children are more active and they spend more energy.

When something like “Indoor Air Quality” which is not much of a concern for many people, directly hits at children’s health, whom we see as a Future of our Family, Society, Nation and future of the World, We had to come Forward for making people realize the Importance of Indoor Air Quality.

By making people aware of potential hazards of Poor indoor air quality, we also encourage them for taking some action, so they could protect themselves and their Beloved children from Indoor Air Pollution.

The Goal Of breatheinbreatheout.in

As the Saying Goes, “The Best Way To Change The World is One Good Deed at a Time.” and we strongly believe here at breatheinbreatheout.in that, even if a tiny portion of Population takes action towards improving their Indoor Air Quality, our efforts would be worthwhile. And this would be our GOOD DEED.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank You…!!!

Team Breath in Breathe Out


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